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I use to love frogs as a kid and then someone told me they give you warts and because I did have a wart, I thought it was true. I started researching them in books (before internet) and then started having nightmares and even though there was little truth to their speculations in my adult age I am still afraid. Not when their enclosed, however. Just yesterday, I walked the nature trail at dusk, coming home it was dark and by the pond all the toads were out and I could hardly see anything but globs hopping. Needless to say, I was scared enough I jumped on my daughter’s bike (she’s 10) and took off as she ran behind, lol. My aunt walked along side of her just thankful I didn’t jump on her back as I considered. It was a mess. Sorry, just had to share but here’s a gold apple for reading this. You’re doing great!

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