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Thank you. That is great advice. I was actually reading up and I saw very similar information on exactly what you said. They can gorge while they feel food is plentiful. I visited the store yesterday to grab a few worms. She told me she has only been feeding him a couple small crickets every few days. He only ate one little cricket for me in the few days I have had him. I just noticed him walking around yesterday I can see his skeleton on the back. I do understand they lay kind of flat. So maybe him walking around gravity took his fat and pulled it down making him look skinny. So I looked up photos of other pacmans sitting upright. He def seems a little thin. Not bad, just enough for me to want to give him a few worms. I think I will follow your advice. I have him a nightcrawler yesterday. Took a minute for him to be interested. He didn’t eat the horned worms. So I figured the nightcrawler was good for the day. I will give him one a day for now then wait a day or two. I’ll let you know how that goes. Thanks again.

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