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Okay. I am somewhat convinced it is a younger male. Reasons being as you stated. He doesn’t pancake too much. He sits upright. Last night he was the most active since bringing him home. He walked around the tank alot and while he didn’t continuously croak all night. He let out about two loud croaks at about 1:30am. He just let out another one and scared the kids. Haha. He is quite active right now. Not sure if it is too warm in here maybe he is hungry (waiting on bugs in the mail and he ate his last cricket yesterday). Still wondering if he is an albino Cranwell? If anyone else would like to pitch in. Thanks everyone.
PS-Still haven’t got a good look at his nuptial pads. I keep trying. Especially since he is stretching at the side of the tank. I will update as to if and when I see them. Possibly get a photo as well.

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