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19 is too cold, especially for a baby. Yes, do add an additional source of heat to the cool side to bring it up to about 25. Remember, these guys are indigenous to some parts of the planet with incredibly hot temperatures. I’m assuming you are in Canada. If that is the case you will need to consider a ceramic heat emitter for night time, also on a thermostat. If the temperature drops below 25 throughout the entire enclosure at night, his metabolism may begin to suffer. As an adult, he may go into brumation. Invest in a digital thermometer if you haven’t already, it will save you a great deal of aggravation if you live in a cold house. Also, be sure and have backup bulbs on hand. Although many of the good ceramic bulbs out there are super affordable and last 6 months or longer, they can go out unexpectedly. In a cold house you will need to be able to replace it immediately without a trip to the pet store or waiting to receive it online.

Where are you getting your baby boy from?

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