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I wonder why that is?  It is not generally true for dogs, although it can be.  Dogs bred specifically for a look rather than temperament often exhibit a degradation of cognition and personality.  I call Lady and the Tramp syndrome.  Decades ago, when the Disney movie first came out, people rushed out to buy golden cocker spaniels.  The puppy mill result of that was deeply neurotic and fear biting dogs that entered the rescue stream, pounds and shelters by the thousands.  Same with 101 Dalmations.  That’s why I find the color morph/superior personality correlation surprising.  I may try to look this up and see if any research has been done but there may not be, just people’s anecdotal experiences, which can also be full of interesting information and sometimes indicate a valid trend or phenomenon.  I know that if I ever get around to acquiring another Ball, I will definitely consider a genetic stripe!

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