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She doesn’t look entirely well, and that is pretty typical for animals acquired from PetSmart. The horror stories I could tell you.

When she is feeling better, the lights should go on top of the enclosure. She is probably cold and stressed. Change at least one of the lamps for something more powerful. Don’t worry about her not eating for at least another day or two. Do not handle her at all. Make sure her nighttime ambient temperature is approximately 75 degrees F.

10 Gallons is plenty for the next 5 months. Then go to a larger model. The challenge here is to get her warm, comfortable and adjusted to her new surroundings. Do use the blacklight during the day and do monitor the temperature carefully. She should have a basking spot that is 95 degrees, with a cool spot that is about 80 degrees.

I sure not she makes it. Losing even a new pet can be heart-breaking. If you decide to acquire another beardie in the future, may I suggest purchasing from a local breeder. Also, if she makes it and starts eating, you should take a fecal sample to a vet to see if she should be wormed.

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