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Ah ha, more info on her behavior has given me another thought. This is an old falconer’s trick, and I have used it many times with a new, young, nervous hawk. Take a book or a magazine or tablet with you, something that you can read. No typing, reading only. Pull up a chair and sit right next to her. Do nothing other than read and turn pages, keeping your eye on the reading materials only. Make no eye contact with her whatsoever. Slowly and deliberately, after reading for 30 minutes to an hour, turn your head away from her enclosure, rise slowly and leave the room. You can do this every day, if you wish, because any stress created will be at a much lower level than actual handling. This is referred to as ‘habituation’ in other words letting her get used to you in the absence of any threat. Eventually, she will get tired of over-reacting. You will know it has worked when she no longer tries to hide or run around, just sits and stares at you.

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