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It’s so cool how much their markings change isn’t it? Sounds like you’ve done a lot of homework on this species, so kudos to you for being a well rounded pet parent. It does say a lot that you successfully bred her. It is said to shorten a females life if she’s bred, but it doesn’t sound like you will do so often. To me she looks high yellow. As is mine. It’s such a common morph today but pretty regardless. I believe if was one of the first morphs bred aside from wild type. They all make their dust get all over the tank so don’t worry about that lol. Doesnt look too bad, could have had a huge poop corner in the picture instead. Haha. At least you clean often enough to prevent that, I’m sure. You will like it here, there’s always something to learn as there is an actual zoologist modorator that usually responds here. Haven’t seen her on in a while so she must be busy elsewhere.

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