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Yeah, I know it’s common to mistake the gender, and actually that did happen with one of my others. The guy I rescued her from said she was male, and I checked and she was definitely female. And I do know she’s a female and just big, since for a homeschool project this year I actually bred her. She was a great breeder, and laid like 6 fertile clutches, of which 8 eggs hatched healthy in the incubator I made. And it was definitely awesome to participate in the breeding of Leo’s!

Here’s a pic, sorry the tank is a little dirty… it was taken right before I cleaned the tank, which prolly wasn’t the best time considering the background but I kept trying to get one and kept forgetting lol. And I don’t know why but the angle makes her look fat lol.

And yeah, I had a few issues a while ago. She was mostly done shedding but had a piece stuck to her back. I knew better, but like an idiot I thought “we’ll, I know they all say not to but it’s such a small piece I don’t think it’ll be a problem.” Then I gently pulled it off and accidentally tore up a little bit of new skin. I got freaked out and the worst part was I knew I was the one who did it. But I just put a little neosporin (the regular kind) on it and she was fine. But I never did that again lol.

Other than that she hasn’t really had many issues… she handled breeding really, really well and surprised me by giving fertile eggs the first time she was bred ever, which shows she was really healthy. And aside from weight loss, which was inevitable, she didn’t have any sort of visible issues with it. She’s always been really sweet and calm, and really good with handling.

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