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That’s so awesome. I love how you did it all like a real environment and ecosystem. You did your homework. I did the same thing in a community tank, I love science and I wanted an actual mini biosystem in my home. Even got all animals that lived in the same area, one for each level and section of the tank and even had a “pond” side.

And I looove anything biodude. I used their bioshot to boost mine before my clean up crew could get a good footing. Most people leave out the drainage system and it’s such a big deal for humidity and avoiding stagnant water build up. I absolutely love this set up and the correct plant usage. I did notice your succulents, they look great. Have you thought of adding any air plants?.
Also, It makes sense your boy had been more active, I advise everyone with a reptile to go bioactive just for that reason alone. The animals flourish! I’m sure your Leo will come around, they always do with bios. Lol.

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