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Don’t panic yet. The parasite load of earthworms varies a great deal. Do collect a fecal sample, and take that to the vet in the next day or two. Keep it in the refrigerator until then. Not the freezer.

Do keep a very sharp eye on your new gecko. Spend at least 1/2 hour per day right now, carefully observing its behaviors. Since you are new to this, you need to establish a baseline for apparent normalcy. That way, if there is a problem down the line, you will know when weight, appetite and energy level are truly out of whack. If there is a change, and it is worrisome, then take the gecko itself to the vet. If the fecal sample tests positive, the vet may be able to give you a prescription wormer that prevents problems, without a trip for the gecko being necessary. Because the animal is a bit traumatized already, with being in a new home, best not to complicate things unnecessarily.

Different topic, since you are new to this. Big box pet store employees often try to sell new reptile owners sand as a substrate. If that is the case here, refer to the leopard gecko care guide on the Critter Depot site, and find a safer material to switch it out with in the next few weeks.

Hope this advice was helpful. Let us know what the fecal sample reveals, when you get a chance.

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