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That does help, thank you. I have thought about trying out one from outside if I get a small one. I see them in my yard all the time. I support insects that get rid of pests, so I see a lot of mantids and arachnids.

I actually have a little colony of common house spiders in my basement bathroom, which were converting to our personal living area and my grandmother has the upstairs area. We had one female and she had babies. A few chose to stay and not go out the window theyre in front of, so now we got a whole group of females and two males that hang near them for breeding. Cool little group. They know when I stand in front of the sink I’ll run water, so a few see me coming and begin to hang from the ceiling waiting for me and drink the water drops immediately.

Anyway, I think I will try a wild jumper, since we already kind of have a relationship with them. They will eat bugs we feed them sometimes and a few will jump on our hand if we gently coax. I’m not worried about handling much, I don’t mind pets you just watch. Would just be nice to support their growth in my yard as well.

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