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She really is so pretty. I’m holding out for one of my own. Have to wait to finish some repairs of the house before I can fit an enclosure. Unless a rescue gets dropped on me, then I’d make do, but I prefer to plan and do it perfect. I believe in making enclosures as big as you can for their needs and I always do my very best to replicate their natural environment and make it bioactive. They totally thrive that way.

All your babies look great. This is definitely a place for you. Where are you located if you dont mind me asking? I’d love to support you or at the very least spread your rescues name. Also. The modorator here Zoodulcis, is actually a zoologist and she knows her stuff. Figured I’d add that, her knowledge is invaluable regardless of the forum members current knowledge. I’ve rescued and rehomed just about everything there is and have learned even more in the few years Ive been a member here.

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