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We love to talk to other creature lovers! Sometimes more than “regular people” hahaha yes right now I have about 4 Oscars at different sizes. I feel like people really don’t understand how big they get! I have very large tanks so it’s not a problem for me. My tanks range from 20 gallons (scorpions) all the way up to 700 gallon ponds! So luckily I have a wide variety for any animal that we receive! The Oscar pictured actually had hole in head disease and was rotting from fungus. This is her after a month of treatment and good quality food! I breed all my own feeders (thanks critterdepot!) So I know their lineage and what they are eating. Oscars are great fish and I see why people call them water dogs!
I actually do not have plecos with her as she is very mild mannered. I do have a “predatory tank” with larger gar, bass and pacus. It is an interesting tank to say the least! With this Oscar is a jack Dempsey and an syndontis catfish. They seem to be happy together so I will just let them live their life! I also have many plecos and catfish in ponds but inside my house. Yes my wife doesn’t like it but it’s for the animals! Haha
I also really enjoy the wild type animals. The glo fish, honestly, freak me out! And now they are doing that to axolotl’s! I just think that’s a pity with all the beautiful wild morphs there is. But too each their own and I do keep my opinion to myself at my work place.
Great thank you for the link! I am just not sure if I can advertise my own business her so I will wait for critterdepot to confirm that. We work with shelters and lots of other bug forums to recieved and rehome. But I don’t mind keeping them all! We are really here because there was a void in the rehoming of larger animals. As we are able to take them I talked the wife into it and now we’re going full steam ahead. Thank you all for your support and the world needs more people like the people here!

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