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Awesome. A family from my own heart. Lol. My kinda people. I rescue and rehome on a much smaller scale, given the time I have caring for family members. I am so glad there are people like you. This is a great forum, great people, advice and info is welcome to be shared and asked for. Hope to see you guys around here. 🙂

I’ve owned a few Oscars and your girl looks GREAT! Hefty girl for sure. Bet she can do away with a dozen comets in under a few minutes. Haha. Found it so interesting as a child to see how the water had “glitter” in it. (Quickly learned those were fish scales!)

Do you have any plecos or anything in with her? Mine loved swimming through his plants. The dragon is a pretty girl as well. As pretty as the colorful morphs are, I love the wild types of reptiles and enjoy seeing how nature made them so perfect for their environments, all without us interfering. Lol.

Also, here are the sites I use to rescue/rehome, always have gotten great homes. and you can also use but it’s a lot like so I trust it a lot less. The first two have questionairs adopters have to fill out to help you choose a good home.

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