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Hey there! It is a lot of work but I absolutely love it. I noticed from a young age I always had animals around me and was much happier. My son has autism and the animals are a great tool for him as well! LFS is local fish store. So I work at a local pet shop here in my town. I bring in my animals all the time and I do shows for children to meet various creatures. I actually do have a list or animals ready to be rehomed. However I do operate an LLC (for profit) so I’m not sure if I can post my website here. I just want to be respectful to critterdepot! If they allow it everyone is welcome to take a gander and we do ship animals in the 48 continental states! I have special logistics and every animal that goes out of my door comes with food and springtails/clean up crew for your own bioactive setup! We do interview every buyer and/or seller and quarantine for up to 90 days for very malnourished animals. I hope this info is ok with critterdepot! If not please let me know and I will redo my post Thank you all!

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