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Hey critterdepot!
Yes we shelter lots of other animals! I work at a LFS and it really started with people bringing in their pets there when they could no longer keep them. I have large fish tanks and I understand a lot of people don’t want to commit to that or just don’t have the space/time/money. I give every animal a bio active home complete with live plants and I build custom tanks. I accept fish, reptiles, amphibians and snakes. Right now we have about 15 tanks with animals! My wife is actually going to be a vet tech so she can help with our business as she is tired of sitting at her cubicle and wants more hands on with animals! Poof was a rescue and she was extremely malnourished and was not eating. She also always had bad sheds. So we got her in a nice big tank and started to hand feed with daily baths. This is her about three months after we first recieved her!

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