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No biggie at all. That’s what I was too. It does make sense. Haha. Any negative comments (or that they perceive negative) is deleted.

It takes quite a bit to rub me the wrong way, but they kinda did. At least slightly. I had no issue being asked not to give advice, and respecting the request. But it quickly became don’t give advice, don’t offer your thoughts, don’t talk about your budgie health unless asking for advice(which I wasn’t even talking about a budgie. But a human), etc. (It’s just the main modorator that’s like that. Everyone else can tell the difference between comradery conversation and advice/opinion)
It’s just kinda up tight over there and a lot of assuming everyone is giving advice and can’t follow the rules. Lol STILL, they DO offer the best info. Can’t fail them there. Just not a community setting like to m used to here.

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