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Yeah, it’s a great site for all the best info and care practices. They just only allow moderators to give advice and very easily misunderstand banter between members as advice. That’s the site I was talking about. They are very kind, but sometimes think you’re giving advice when you’re not.

For example a member and I were talking about probiotics and antibiotics being used at the same time. They said vet said not to take them at the same time, I mentioned my fiance having to do that as well. Antibiotics THEN probiotics so they don’t counteract each other. I was then told my comment was moved and to not talk about my budgie in others threads or talk about what medical practices I have to do with my budgie. Lmao, I was like….it’s my fiance, a human. Did not even mention a budgie. Only the poster mentioned what the vet said to them. Which IS allowed.

They are GREAT people, I just feel they are very overprotective about the correct info being shared so they think just about any comment can be misconstrued as advice. I am just very careful in my wording there. I very much appreciate your info, as they genuinely are the best budgie forum to learn the best stuff from. I still 100% recommend their forum to anyone with a budgie.

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