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Thank you so much. Hopefully that’ll help someone who needs that info.

I just want to add how great this forum is to anyone reading. After being active in more forums, it’s come to my attention that not all forums are made the same. This one is very social, open and kind. I’ve learned some are very anal and only want to spread what they know, not make a community and communication for everyone. Just for asking questions and getting answers and the moderators to talk in a community setting.

(For example: on the bird forum someone had a question about something on there bird and they got and answer (seemed more like opinion tho), and I pretty much said “that looks crazy, I cant tell if it’s actually dried discharge or a color change in the picture.” After already previously been told to not offer advice, which was accepted no issue. This comment from me was I thought, just a comment and conversation. Nope, I was then messaged and told not to offer opinions either. I did not say any advice at all so I was a little confused. I now see, pretty much only husbandry and health questions were allowed unless you’re a moderator.)


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