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Well I appreciate that. I enjoy it here, Im aware you disagree openly if you have a better input, which I like. Just wanted to make sure I hadn’t came off in the wrong way, because I genuinely enjoy talking with you all here.

But yeah, it’s called talk budgies, it really is a great place for advice and knowing all you need to know. But I wasn’t aware they kept advice to moderators until I let someone know their bird was not suffocating, just adjusting it’s crop. Haha. I have not heard about the cookware, so thank you. The birds are on the 3rd level of the house though so I’m not sure if that’s still too close. Kitchen is on 1st floor. I think only a few pans here are non-stick though. I have owned birds before but that was over 10 years ago, they know a lot more about good husbandry now. Ask me anything about reptiles or mammals, I’ll probably know it. Birds, I MIGHT know it or a tiny bit on it. I know their care requirements but that’s mainly it. Not anything new that’s been learned in the last 10 years, I’m refreshing and learning all the new stuff now. It sure is nice to have them in the house again though.

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