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They also need a multivitamin with D3 so they’re bodies can better break down and use the calcium powder. (Unless your calcium powder already has D3 in it.) Best thing is to use calcium powder without D3 and them also, less often, a multivitamin with D3. The powdering schedule would better be answered by Zoo.

Another possibility, If he’s not used to your hand being near him, he may be freezing up to try and blend in or not let the predator (you) draw attention to him. Though, given that there’s no UV I’m agreeing with Zoo on this one. Calcium powder won’t work as well without D3, so even if you’ve been using it he may not be getting enough between that and no light. There’s a channel on YouTube called Leopard Gecko with a cartoon picture of a gecko as channel picture, they tell you all you need on crested geckos and leopard geckos. Great info on her channel.

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