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Kara Earles

The story behind that is my hubs & I had to go to PetSmart to pick up a few items for my other two beardies. My hubs said to me “Don’t you dare go over to the beardies. Stay away from them.” Ok so I did. I’m looking for the items when my hubs comes up to me and said “ don’t go over there. They have some juveniles and a red morph.” Well of course I went over there. I found my little guy. The female employee walked over to me and said do you want to hold him?” I said yes. She then said I think he’s over six months old and if I’m right, he’s free.” I looked at my hubs with my sad face and he said go ahead. She went to talk to the GM then came back and said “He’s on his way with the adoption papers.” I already had extra stuff at the house. I just needed to buy another basking bulb and the long one too. That’s how I came about getting him. He’s my very first baby. My girl used to belong to my daughter and my fellar, I rescued him from a very bad environment. They’re all my babies. I’m known as beardies_mama.

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