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Well, it WAS a tip. Lol. Details have changed, so… Coupon is good for $23, instead of $25 like it used to be. And It used to be 500 superworms for $25, now it’s 500 for $28. So if you want those with Coupon, use code and pay $4.

BSFL are 500 for $21 (best deal here is getting 1000 and pay the extra $3, that’s what I do because it lasts long enough for me). Crickets are 500 for $23 or 1000 for $25, best deal with these is getting the 1000 and paying $2. I don’t get them often though because they tend to die on me now for some reason and I dont mess with roaches either so I don’t know what their deals would be. Hope this helps anyone.

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