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Diatomaceous earth is only for external use. I know I wouldn’t use it on a beardie because they are so much closer to the ground. There is a chance of eye inflammation. I’ve used it with chickens with moderate success, but they don’t slither along the ground. Taken internally, it dissolves into its basic mineral components, mostly calcium. For internal parasites, it will do no harm, but it will also do no good. Unfortunately, your best bet is to use a compound prescribed by the vet and applied in the correct dosage. It may not be organic, as in all natural. The good news is, as long as you buy food items from qualified purveyors of goods such as Critter Depot, you will never have to do it again. If you feed wild-caught items, such as sow-bugs, which all kids love and will assume that the beardie will too, you will have to worm yearly. Sow-bugs are the absolute worst for parasites, but all wild-caught items such as crickets and worms, will have some. Another science lesson in the making! As a former professor, I am guilty of trying to find teachable moments everywhere in life, so please forgive me.

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