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Hey Zoodulcis, so maybe I spoke too soon on the brumation thing; idk, you tell me….
So approx 5 days ago he was only pooping very little once a day, so I only feed him crickets once that day with a salad. He ate fine but by that afternoon he had crawled under his log and never came back out. The next day, same thing but I had to coax him out to eat then he went right back under, no basking for digestion even… so I didn’t feed him and he stayed there all day and night and all day the next day. Then late yesterday morning he came out running all over his tank in search of food, lol. So I feed him crickets and a fresh salad, he stayed out until about 4:00 then went back under his log and still isn’t out this morning?…. so idk in guessing/hoping it’s brumation and not that he’s sick. Tell me your opinion please and what you would do if it’s not brumation. Thanks so much!

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