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John Banuelos

Yeah, when we first got him we did not realize the bulb he had was not UVB. All his symptoms at the time showed that it was part of the shredding process which happened to be what he was doing at the time.
By the time I realized it was more he was on the verge of death. We took him to the vet and the vet said he had a 30% chance of survival. he gave us a syringe and we started grinding the internals of superworms and crickets. I hand fed him and a week later he was great although his front claws are forever deformed.
A couple of weeks after that I had my son holding him in his bath while I was cleaning out his tank and my son didn’t realize that he was drinking non stop water which in turn his basically drowned himself.
I immediately started rubbing his chest and belly and removed all the excess water from his throat and mouth but he died in my hands upside down. went cold and no heart beat.
I placed him in the tank on his back, walked away for a minute to think and then went back to continue cleaning out his throat and rubbing his chest. 15 seconds later he started breathing again, opened his eyes, tongued my hand lol. I turned him over and put him on his log as close to the heat lamp as possible and kept rubbing him.
Now months later he is the King LOL.
Likes blueberries, any insects, and carrots outside of his greens.
I never have to guess when he is hungry he lets me know.

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