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Sounds like you’re in the clear with Carl. Even one person at a big box store who can vouch for parentage is good enough.

I talk to hundreds of people yearly about their pets and I seldom know where they live. Some are in the city, some in the country.

Not having a reptile vet is a rural thing, and believe me, it can be the pits. Even in my rural area of Colorado, if you get a sick pig worth $3,000, instead of treating it, most vets tell you to slaughter it and start over. It’s after all, just a pig. The time and effort required to ensure an animal’s health that is not a dog, cat, or horse in a rural area is certainly a consideration.

Sounds like you did due diligence with selecting Carl and in many places that is the best one can hope for. I look forward to seeing him grow even more handsome.


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