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I was assured by the employee who has Carl’s litter mate that he was captive bred from a breeder that also supplies them their crested geckos. I live in a small town and unfortunately none of our vets specialize in small animals or reptiles. Nothing but dairy farms, cattle farms and chicken farms around here, so the only vets I’ve found that cater to more than cats and dogs, are for cattle like goats, horses, chickens, cows and occasionally birds. I had a bonded pair of sugar gliders years ago when I came across this issue. The closest reptile/exotic vet open to the public near me is a 3 hour drive. I really appreciate your concern though, and would love to take in a sample to be on the safe side, but unfortunately there’s not one I could reasonably go to. So far he’s doing great and his poops aren’t runny or extra smelly or anything odd, he’s eating great, enjoys being handled and is overall a pleasure to have.

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