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I know how those spontaneous purchases can go! I once went into a pet store to buy dog food and came out with a blue point Siamese kitten.

Nevertheless, if you have not thoroughly researched where this gecko came from originally (as in domestically bred vs. wild-caught), I would take the time to provide a fecal sample to your vet for analysis. If domestically bred, then no worries, but if there is even a tiny chance he was wild-caught, there is a strong possibility of a significant parasite load. I would hate for undetected and preventable illness to happen Carl. I say this with all due respect to Petco, as a former Petco employee. We only sold feed and equipment at the stores I worked at, and no animals, but I know that today’s big box stores sometimes make compromises. Even zoos make compromises (worked for the San Diego zoo for many years), so I’m not casting aspersions, BUT, as a former industry insider, I know that’s what I would do for Carl, just to be on the safe side.

Hoping that you will keep up posted on Carl’s life and times!

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