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Good morning John and Bill,

I am going to weigh in on something and take a stand on this topic, something I rarely do. I believe that serious pet lovers should never, ever, purchase an animal from a big box store. This is not a true rescue situation, and as long as money changes hands, it promotes and perpetuates an abusive system. A purchase from a reputable breeder, or a rescue on Craigslist, FB etc. is a different matter. Take the situation in Tennessee at a Petsmart. Serious criminal neglect of animals in the store was unearthed by PETA. I don’t like a lot of things PETA does, but kudos to them on this one. Three store managers were arrested.

PETA said managers at the Bellevue store were “observed repeatedly refusing to provide sick, injured and dying animals with veterinary care in order to ‘keep costs down’ so they would receive bonuses.” The organization said a supervisor ordered staff not to tell customers that PetSmart buys animals from a Georgia company put on probation by that state’s agriculture department following a PETA investigation in 2010.

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