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Only in Mammals, but even then its limited to one pet who was already in old age. I’d agree that i dont think too much water is the issue here, unless its literally in a stagnant tank of only water. Which I doubt. I’m leaning towards impaction, kidney issue or Hormonal imbalances. Few more thoughts. If the swelling comes and goes, this frog is enlarging itself due to stress, trying to seem bigger. If not coming and going, need more info.

Is this frog bloated throughout the entire body? Or just in the belly area? If just the stomach it could be impacted or pregnant. If its the entire body, like even the legs, then id say a kidney issue or hormonal imbalance. If its hormones, it will often subside eventually on its own.

If it were my pet, id soak in honey water for 3 days, if nothing changes get to vet asap

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