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In Ohio. I have one of those for Rexxar to snack on though, but its not blooming right now. Been in the house all winter. So far he wont eat anything for me. Previous owner said he never would eat any fruits and veggies anyway.

Im trying everything i know. Raised his heat, misted him, tried feeding at sunrise and sunset, all day, offering him bugs while soaking, while in my hand, on warm and cool side of tank, tried mealworms and waxworms (what hes used to eating supposedly), tried BSFL and a can of box turtle food gel stuff people swear by. Next is strawberries and some greens after i get to the store. The closest hes come is looking at a waxworm today, then ignoring it. And hes so sweet (and tiny) i cant get him to open his mouth or even try to bite to syringe a little bit of mushed food in him. In the past ive been able to annoy a turtle enough to get it to bite the syringe and get food. This one wont bite for anything and he tucks his head so i cant pinch the corners of his mouth to open it. I dont wanna tress him by using soft tonges that i have to pry it open either. All he wants to do it hide and burrow int he tank. And explore while hes out of tank. Any more ideas?

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