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Someone else offered to take him in, but they lived in New York so wanted him shipped there. As they were the only people interested in him, he was almost shipped. Luckily, i saw the post the night before he was shipped and called them. He brought the little guy right over. Gave me the tank, lights and everything so i didn’t even have to use my back-up tank and lights. Even offered me money for taking him, i had everything i needed for him so i declined that of course.

And as far as i know all reptiles are able to slow their heat rate and metabolism and survive cold temps for short times (without hibernation, which not all do. Like tropical species). Turtles do it every winter. Kind of like a bear hibernating. But that happens slowly and their in hiding as well. Anything below 60 f can trigger this as far as i know. This poor guy was just frozen to the ground, so he must have either been born early or just not gotten hidden in time. Not sure. Don’t know the minimum they can survive.

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