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I know consider any animal question stupid. Not learning about a pet in your care, i do consider stupid. lol. So youre all good, ask away!

Anyway, i find this very interesting. I havent heard of it but i do know that dogs like to chew on anything, including their owners when teething, never seen one be grouchy from it though. Human babies?, 100%. I say if it has stopped, and doesnt continue (besides maybe if he ever isnt fed in quite some time) then id just assume it was the teeth. It doesnt feel good to get teeth in, even to a frog i guess. We learn new things about animals all the time, so i wouldnt count it out just because it hasnt been studied or recorded.

And to be honest, i 100% forgot Pacman frogs actually have teeth. Id only read that one other time and as i dont own one, forgot that fact. So ty.

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