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Your daughter must be made of some very heroic stuff. A concussion during covid! She must be a real trooper, and it’s so awesome that you have so many animals and animal-centered activities she can benefit from. Caring for horses, cows, pigs and goats helped my daughter (now an adult) learn responsibility and consistency, important for a young person with ADD.

You may already be very aware of this author, but if you have not read the book “Animals Make Us Human” by Temple
Grandin, you should try to check it out of the library or order it through Thriftbooks. Dr. Grandin is autistic herself, as well as being an expert in the livestock husbandry field. She really gets the benefits of animal-assisted therapy and recreation experiences on wellness for folks old and young with special needs.

Oh, and that is one massive zoo you have going on there. Are all of the full-sized equines saddle horses? How do you manage all of those critters? I have two house cats and a herd of goats and its all I can do to keep them all happy. Hoof trimming is sometimes the bane of my existence.

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