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We have 2 cats named Noodles & Buzzard. Noodles found my daughter in the back yard about 6 years ago and he’s been with us ever since. Buzzard was my elderly landlords cat that we inherited when she passed 3 years ago. We also have a Guinea Pig named Dream Catcher (Dream for short). A Ball Python named Bone Crusher ( my bf named her). 4 chickens named Capten Levi, Suga, Chicken Fries, and Memas Chicken. A rooster that’s a butthead. Along with a heard of cows that have taken over the back yard. We share the property with a small starting farm. 4 horses named Blaze, Jasper, City, and Hope. 5 mini horses named Willow, ChloĆ©, Sanchez, Bliss, and Suri. My daughter works with and takes care of Willow. They have been a Dream team in 4H for about 5 years now. Willow has helped my daughter with her anxiety and autism so much and thur this pandemic they have become so close. My daughter does horses chores twice a day and then takes care of her animals while being on Homebound from the school. She suffered a concussion back in late August and then her bus was in an accident 2 days later and now 5 months have passed where she is still suffering from symptoms of her concussion. She has seen so many doctors and specialists and had to stop going to school due to the concussion. So with the animals help and the help from 2 wonderful teachers that take time out of thier busy days my daughter is able to start getting caught up on everything she has missed due to her injury. She is so strong and even placed at the State level in 4H this passed summer with Willow and having a concussion.

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