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Sounds like an awesome project. My suggestion would be to consider access for either cleaning or removing your friend for a bit of one on one time. Top-only access in a heavily vegetated enclosure can be really inconvenient. The bioactive setup will ensure that cleaning is kept to a minimum, but you may occasionally need to trim or replace plants, or you may want to readjust the furniture from time to time, depending upon the usage of various areas and items that your crestie uses for loafing or basking. So a hatch in the front as well as the top can save you some aggravation and make it easier to take your friend out without having to loom over the enclosure with a hand reaching down to grab, which bothers a lot of reptiles who interpret the action as a predatory move.

Best of luck with your project and be sure to post pix of it and your crestie when it’s all completed.

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