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Yes, you are blessed with your little sugars, and they are blessed with you.

I have to ask a favor, and of course it is entirely, entirely, up to you. I am updating my book ‘Zoodulcis: Our Fascination with Animals.” I released it in 2017, but because it is non-fiction and based upon current research concerning the human wellness benefits of the human-animal bond, I try to keep it current. I also try to stay away from dogs, because so many excellent writers and researchers focus exclusively on dogs, and there is so much research done on them, that my book tends to try to highlight the cognitive, emotional, and physical benefits of alternative pets. To be clear, I have nothing against dogs, having been a dog trainer and even into the obedience show ring and also the search and rescue circuit. But there is just not enough info out there on people who are having therapeutic experiences with animals that are not canine. Your comment about how people in ‘the community’ respond just triggered a thought on how this alternative pet affects your well-being and those in ‘the community’ around you. Would you be willing to share more about them and how they promote your sense of well-being?

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