Topics Forums Frogs – Pixies, Pacmans, & More! Pixie frog won’t come out of hiding Reply To: Pixie frog won’t come out of hiding



Awesome! Thank you. It took me over 30minutes to find him. He was literally at the very bottom in the last corner I checked. He had to have been constipated. He pooped before I even needed to replace the warm water again. A big one! And I cleaned and changed his water and he hopped right back in and was swimming around and now he is out and about hiding behind his favorite plant. Thank you! He is a baby so I was worried. His colors look good and so do his eyes and legs and he’s hopping normal. Must’ve been backed up cuz he can’t stop himself from eating. I put more bark in to give my isopods more places to hide so he’s not just gorging on my clean up crew.

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