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Hi Jessey,

There may be a number of reasons why he is in hiding, some quite simple and some a little less so. It may be that he has come out at a time when you have not noticed him and then gone back into hiding, but for now let’s assume that this is not the case.

#1 Since he has access to prey items all of the time, it is possible that he gorged himself and is now just taking time out for a respite from eating. Although not terribly common, other keepers have reported that theirs have done this.

#2 He may be constipated. This can happen and the more constipated they are, the less likely to move they become. I know humans can sure relate to that! There is no way to know unless you unearth him and gently bath him in a warm (85-90 degrees F) bath for about 20 minutes. This will hydrate him and may encourage bowel movement. When unearthing him and picking him up, be sure to slide your hand under him gently from behind. This will startle him less and save you from a bite. When the water has cooled to 80 degrees, replace it with second bath warmed to the temperature recommended above. Another 20 minutes. After this, you should notice that he has pooped, or seems more lively just in general. Examine him as thoroughly as you possibly can, and try to notice whether anything seems wrong, like discoloration or continuing lethargy. If there is nothing extremely obvious, put him back in his enclosure and observe him for 24 hours. If he hides again without emerging, it may be time to consider a visit to a knowledgable veterinarian. Remember, this is advice given to you here in this forum post from a zoologist, and not a veterinarian. If you are nervous at all that something is really amiss, it’s best to take him in now and not wait. But as long as he is buried you cannot make an informed decision, so unearthing him is definitely your best move at this time. It will do no harm and may do much good, because he may need your help.

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