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Melissa Cyrus

This is Martin. I live in Richmond, Virginia. We found Martin in my kitchen!!! He’s a Mediterranean House Gecko and he does not belong here! He was just a quarter of an inch big when we found him! After some calls we found out that Mediterranean House Geckos are not common here! Only one other has ever been found in our area!

Apparently, there used to be a local pet store on our street, and two must have escaped! Martin was injured when we found him, one foot was missing toes!

Poor Martin is so tiny, we could only feed him flightless fruit flies for his first few months. Our local pet stores do not have pin head crickets. I just made my first purchase. And we are super excited for Martin to finally eat something the right size for him. He is about an inch long now (including his tail) Thanks for shipping so quickly! I will update with a new phot when we can catch him having is first big boy (or girl) meal! ❤️♥️💕

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