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I hope I am answering the right post here. It seems you are concerned about the number of dead crickets on arrival.

I know that here in Colorado we have been blessed with record-setting cold for October. Wednesday and Thursday were the worst. I am wondering if by Friday the crickets handled on the east coast had been exposed to too much cold by the carrier? This is a question for the Critter Depot sensai.

I am also wondering if they were exposed to extreme cold in shipping, lived, and then were not given sufficient extra warmth or nutrients to get them back on their little legs once they arrived? I know I have been struggling with this myself with other animals for this last week, but fortunately I am not new at this. Also, I am not sure whether a .07% mortality is normal at this time of year or not. My guess is that it probably is, but no reason not to ask the boss for clarity.

Hope this was a little helpful.

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