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It’s not time to panic, but some concern is warranted and it’s good that you are being observant. Have you found any feces in her habit? If not, she may be constipated, a very common condition in newly acquired pacman frogs. If no feces have been produced, I recommend putting her in her bath twice a day and making her stay there for 20 minutes each time.
Add tsp of honey to the bath and dissolve well, then place her in it. This treatment may take a few days, but the results are often excellent. You might also want to reconsider the substrate. Although it is easy for her to burrow in, it is just the right size for frequent ingestion, which can result in impaction of the gut. This has the same symptoms as constipation, in that she will see bloated and uninterested in food. Does her skin seem clean and free of lesions? Did you get her from a reputable breeder?

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