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Thank you for your reply. It’s easier for me to take out the egg laying box than to take out the crickets. I have noticed, though, that the crickets are growing fast. How long do they live? I’ve also noticed that there are smaller crickets also in the bin. They are bigger than pinhead crickets; but, smaller than the bigger ones. When I ordered crickets, I ordered all the same size; but, now I see a mix of sizes. I am giving the crickets plenty of stuff to eat, including fresh food and cricket chow.

My Bearded Dragon likes to eat dubia roaches, crickets, a soldier fly larva. He also gets collards and kale. I have offered him small pieces of watermelon, green beans, and carrots; but, he tends to ignore those food items.

My son and I recently built a new habitat for Paki. It’s about 4’x2’x2′. It’s the first time for us to do this kind of thing and I think it turned out fairly well. Although, if we were to do it again, there are things that I’d want to do differently. I think I have attached a photo of his new enclosure. When I get a chance, I will take a new picture of him. I have a couple of pictures on my computer that were taken back in June; but, they are kind of blurry.

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