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I don’t have any reptiles right now. I am waiting for two elderly cats to pass into that catnip parlor in the sky. Then I am going to get another ball python. I have had knight anoles and hedgehogs. Oh and I have 6 goats. Not terribly exotic, but awesome nevertheless. I have also had every sort of heritage poultry breed you can imagine, mulefoot hogs, tamworth hogs, and all sorts of cattle and horses. Just goats now in the way of farm animals. Little dairy goats and great big pack goats.

35 inches at maturity is some size! That will be a major undertaking, but I sure hope you are successful. There are many species of geckos that were nearly extinct in the wild, but are now quite common in captivity in the pet trade. I think this is a great trend, as long as keepers have purchased their stock from reputable breeders (nothing wild caught) and are keeping them housed and fed properly. Do you have other pets beside these awesome lizards?

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