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Thank you. Since she has been having symptoms I have taken to completely cleaning the whole enclosure every day. She does not seem to be getting any worse, but definitely not too much of an improvement. She seems bit more active when she sits in the water though so I take to cleaning and refilling that twice a day so that there is fresh water.

I use dechlorinated water — I use a chemical dechlorinater and leave it out for a day or two just to be safe. Sometimes I will use bottle water if I do not have enough.

I fear because she has no appetite that I can not replace that fluid loss as easily.

No discoloration on the ventral side of the body. The Dorsal side is the kind of mottled brown and greenish tones. Her extremities also have no coloration abnormalities.

I have not seen her poop for a while. I would say two days before the onset — so it has been around 6 days or so since I have seen her have a movement.

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