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Thank you so much.

I had a total of three.

One had passed with no symptoms (No change in appetite, No Lethargy, No Change of color).

My other tree frog has no symptoms at all (they have eaten fine and the little color change would be from a light brown down her dorsal side back to her green once I turn their lights on from the night).

Within the last 60 days: The only thing I had done was I had switched their substrate from Coconut Fiber to Eco Earth — two and a half weeks ago. There was no changes at all, they actually seemed really happy and active. When she started to show symptoms around four days ago, I immediately took out the soil and cleaned everything and got new furniture (New Hanging Leaves, a new moss vine, and new wooden plank). Before hand I would try my best to clean the furniture (the fake vines and Bend-a-branch) once or twice a week.

If this helps, she seems to pepper up a bit when she is in her soak dish. No appetite still, but she starts to lighten just the slightest and move around more.

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