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Justin Boeser

Big frownie face from me too!! I’ve seen them on the market but never knew that they could be so dangerous. Sickening that they’re still sold.

We intend to rehome a couple of our rescues! One of them is a ball python whose owner was too afraid of her overly defensive demeanor to even reach in and change her water. So we are slowly working on taming her down (starting with corrected husbandry) so we can find her a loving home. But there are 2 other ball pythons and a boa imperator (all rescues) that are definitely part of our family now 🙂

We are considering starting a patreon so we can afford to continue our little rescue mission and occasional vet visits. Our boa, Babs, is a big girl at 8 feet long and she’s got an appointment coming up for a possible RI from her previous owner keeping her in a 3ft swampy, dirty tub 🤢

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