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I know, right?! So Cecil has shed and is doing oh so much better. Good to hear he is thriving.

And of course, there are a few fantastic pet shops out there, with really high standards. Same thing with zoos. But there’s a bunch that give the rest a bad name.

I was chatting with a goat friend about this same phenomenon with livestock. We both acquired some really psychotic does (females) from different bad circumstances. And yeah, we paid money for them, which of course encouraged bad behavior on the part of the seller. And weirdly, neither one of us regretted it. I see from a theoretical perspective, every time we pay to rescue an animal we encourage the industry to continue, like puppy mills, for instance. But from a human perspective, to get an animal that is being abused and then when it thrives under your care so much it exceeds our wildest expectations, well the satisfaction it brings is enormous.

There are no easy answers, but Cecil is happy!

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